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What to Expect During a Nuru Massage

Updated: Apr 20

A Nuru massage is a kind of erotic massage that originated in Kawasaki, Japan. The word “Nuru” is a Japanese word used for slippery.

What should a person be prepared for?

A Nuru massage is an erotic massage that is also a sexual encounter. So, you should be prepared for anything. It would be best to be comfortable with the message therapist touching or rubbing you in ways that you would not do to someone else.

Nuru Massage Sydney

What to expect during a Nuru massage?

You will not forget this massage for a long time. The massage therapist starts by giving you a short oil massage, then moves on to a full body-to-body massage using the particular Nuru gel. The massage includes the use of unique mats and oils, as well as a new body powder. It may last for about an hour or more.If you want to be stretched, played with, and sensually stimulated then this massage is meant for you.

The massage therapist does her job with a very firm touch and uses a combination of long gliding strokes, circular strokes, short and sharp strikes, and firm pressure points.

What happens in Nuru massage?

The Nuru massage is an erotic body-to-body massage in which both the “giver” and “receiver” are naked. The “giver” starts the message by applying an appropriate amount of this unique Nuru gel, or lotion all over the “receiver’s” body and begins the massage in the same way as a routine full-body massage. Then the “giver” starts gliding her body, and body parts over the “receiver’s” body to sensually massage him. After the specific time the “giver” will end it or at a particular time when the “receiver” is satisfied and is happy to finish.

In a commercial massage center, the “giver” is generally dominating. However, in certain situations particularly in private situations, the roles can be exchanged by mutual agreement. Nuru massage is a special massage so instead of ordinary get or oil, a special gel called Nuru gel is used which is made of natural nori seaweed which makes it slippery. This gel is colorless, tasteless, and has no smell.


This massage has become quite popular in Australia, particularly in Sydney. You’ll find it in many spas and salons. But Slippery Bliss is Sydney's Premium Erotic Massage Service. Its experienced and expert massage therapists provide quality massage at affordable rates.

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