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What is Nuru Massage and How Can it Work

Updated: May 6

Although a Nuru massage has been in existence in Japan and other Asian countries for centuries it is a relatively new form of massage in the West. It is one of the flourishing erotic massage trends. Assuming that you are new to this type of massage, you might be thinking about what it is and how it works.. In this blog, we will explain everything you really want to be familiar with how a Nuru massage works.

What is a Nuru massage?

Nuru means "Slippery" in Japanese. A Nuru massage is a kind of massage in which the massage therapist uses her whole body to rub the body of a client. This erotic massage is used for arousal, heighten intimacy, and improved sex life. In Nuru massage each body part is used that’s why it is also known as a body-to-body massage.

Nuru massage helps people in uniting their bodies sexually and physically. The benefits of Nuru massage include stress relief, muscle relaxation, skin moisturization, and the release of toxins from the body.

Nuru Massage Sydney

How does it work?

Because of its sticky nature conventional oil, normal gel or any other ordinary lubricant cannot be used for a Nuru massage which makes it difficult for the two bodies to glide over each other.

So, we use a unique kind of gel called Nuru Gel. This special gel is formulated with textured oil and natural herbs. It does not have any colour, smell, or taste. it is easy to wash, safe to use, and nourishing for the skin. Also, when combined with water it becomes significantly more slippery than conventional oils.

Nuru massage oil is made from Nori seaweed which is the ingredient responsible for its slippery nature. Sometimes you don’t get Nori seaweed to make Nuru massage oil. In that case, you can create Nuru gel yourself by mixing xanthan gum, coconut oil, food-grade vegetable glycerine, and warm water.

Nuru massage technique:

The Nuru massage technique is just body-on-body touching and rubbing. The therapist will pour the Nuru massage oil or gel on the body of the client and will also pour some oil on her body. Then she will massage the body of the client with her body. She will gently touch the body of the client to warm up the bodies. She will use her hands so that she cannot fall from the client’s body.


You can enjoy a Nuru massage at home with your lover, but it is not an everyday activity. So, if you want to take the services of a skilled therapist then you can contact Slippery Bliss which is the best erotic massage center in Sydney.

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